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Helping us towards a carbon neutral festival 

2nd-9th August 2025

The Kent International Service Team who, together, form the backbone of the festival.


You - alongside several hundred other KIST - will ensure every Scout, every Explorer, every Guide and every Ranger in our care has an outstanding experience at KIJ and that they take away with them memories that will last a lifetime.

Yep, our logo is an ant but there's no antagonism or antipathy to this: you being part of this team is your chance to work hard....but also have the chance to play too.


The Kent International Service Team brings together all staff across the festival and, whatever group you are working with, your booking is managed through this wider team.


The design of the festival for KIST (and for leaders) is changing quite significantly. It's a recognition that you are giving your time up as well as the young people in our care. As part of this all adults will have access to The Urban Hub.


As you'd expect, this zone will provide food, drink and entertainment. However, you'll also get you access to training, to programme and to a number of other activities and concessions.


After spending time running programme, managing facilities or looking after leaders, this will be your space to pause and recharge too: bring your mug and refill your cup at the complimentary tea and coffee station, then use the picnic benches, sit in the cafe or go over to the quiet space for a break with others... Inside the Urban Hub, you'll also find the KIST Hubcamp: this is our space for camping and for motorhomes/caravans with dedicated KIST washing facilities. With a Hubcamp and Welfare team based here too any support you need is close to hand.


If you've been busy all day - or all night - the last thing you want to think about is cooking! So we've looked to provide a comprehensive BEAST catering package that is both varied and substantial. You can add this to your booking for a hugely subsidised £50 or decide to self-cater: the choice is yours. We also recognise that many of you work before and/or after the jamboree and we'd like to say an extra thank you to you for your contribution here: there's no extra costs for being there in advance or after the festival and we'll also provide food too if you want it. All we need to know are your arrival and departure dates to ensure there is no waste.

To find out more about the BEAST




Above all, we do want you to feel a part of a team and to know you are really valued. As well as this dedicated space, we're working hard to ensure you have an exclusive merchandise package (that's not available to buy) and to enable all staff to have a scheduled day off too. You may decide this is used to do some (pre-booked) training, to check out the programme and craft ideas, to join one of the festival 'KIJ-Talks', to wander around the festival or, simply, to rest. The choice is yours.


We're also aware that many of you in KIST will be under 25. So, if you're on your pathway to your King Scout Award, we can support here and look forward to help you on some of those steps. There'll always be plenty of questions and the team will answer these through ongoing newsletters and directly for more individual needs. Book your place and become part of our army of ants!

As a member of KIST you can book individually, as part of a wider team of volunteers or as part of your group if they're attending. If it's either of the last two options, one invoice will be provided for the whole booking. Inside the booking you'll be asked for a range of information including the roles / areas where you'd want to work. There are three preferences here in terms of areas: please select in order or priority. Large numbers of people have already made applications and we are sifting through these now. However, we obviously need a confirmed booking to confirm a role too!


So now's the time to complete your full booking: we'll tie up previous 'expressions of interest' with job roles as well.

COST DETAILS: £100 for the week at KIJ. Select the week's food package for just £50. If you can help in advance and/or after the Jamboree, there are no further costs with food provided for this time too.

Total package includes: Camp Fees, Exclusive Merchandise Pack, access to The Hub, a scheduled day off and, most importantly of all, the hi-viz vest!



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