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Helping us towards a carbon neutral festival 

2nd-9th August 2025


If you're a member of the Kent International Service Team, we can take away the worries and hassle of having to cater for yourself at our festival.


BEAST - or Basildon Event Activity Service Team - are really used to catering for large Scout events including many jamborees. They're with us for the whole of our festival as well as the build and take-down helping to support the entire staff team. We are exceptionally pleased to have them with us throughout the whole event.


With multiple menu choices at each meal there'll always be something that you'll enjoy...and obviously you don't have to cook it either!


We know that at breakfast and lunch it is all too easy to have the same repetitive menu each day; BEAST are taking great care to ensure you have a range of different options here as well.


We're really aware that you want to see fresh food and local produce, so large parts of the menu will reflect these healthy and sustainable decisions too, helping to ensure we meet the festival's net zero goals. 


If you have dietary requirements, BEAST's team is very used to catering for these needs and when you're completing your main booking, you'll be asked about this as well.


Having worked hard all day (or night), there's a need for the staff to have a good serving of laughter, so we'll be making sure that there's a couple of themed nights during the festival and also some special menus during the build and take-down. Needless to say, you might need some fancy dress...


When you're making your booking to join the Kent International Service Team, ensure you check the box for the food option too. It's a subsidised price of £50 to recognise the work and time you're putting in to support KIJ25: The Festival of Scouting and Guiding.


So, as part of our army of urban ants, who else should you be catered for other than by another BEAST?

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