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Helping us towards a carbon neutral festival 

2nd-9th August 2025

All we do is purposed to avoid landfill. 

We can assure you, working with our partners that everything that leaves our site will be recycled, helping us on our pathway to being a carbon neutral festival.

All unclaimed lost property will be cleaned and taken to Demelza trading the retail division of Demelza where it will be sold on to help raise monies for their very worthwhile charity.


Environmental Responsibilities

All unopened food and unused cleaning products will be collected at the end of the festival by Kings Pantry a food bank for families and the homeless in Maidstone. We will let you know during the event how that will be coordinated.

All other waste will be dealt with by Country Style Recycling. Initially collated on site before being taken to their processing facility, just seven miles from our site, will greatly reduce vehicle movement. At their facility every item will be sorted and sent for further processing. Any item that is unable to be onward processed will be taken to a specialist unit next to their site where it will be converted to renewable energy to generate electricity for local housing.

With your support and the good work of our partners we hope to significantly reduce our impact on the environment in our quest to being as carbon neutral as our festival allows.

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