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Helping us towards a carbon neutral festival 

2nd-9th August 2025

Join The Team - Media & Comms

At KIJ22 our media team reached over 100k worldwide with their AWESOME social coverage! This time we want to go bigger and better! We are looking for people that can show the world how good the festival is across a range of media... are you creative enough to join the team?

Helping provide connectivity and infrastructure to all corners of the Jamboree site

Network Infrastructure Team Member

Leading the Network Infrastructure team to ensure connectivity across site

Network Infrastructure Team Lead

Working under the Media Team Lead to capture aerial shots of the Jamboree

Drone Video Team

Working with the Team Lead to capture and produce the shows

Jamboree TV Team Member

Leading the Jamboree TV Team, organising what will be shown

Jamboree TV Team Lead

Being the voice behind the microphone, keeping the KIJ Radio alive.

Radio Team member

Leading the Radio Team members to keep the radio broadcast on schedule.

Radio Team Lead

Engaging external news coverage about the events at KIJ

PR Team

Working with all of the KIJ teams to produce artwork and assets for publications

Graphic Publications Team Member

Leading the Graphics Team members to ensure output quality

Graphic Publications Team Lead

Working with all of the Media teams to generate content to grow our audience

Social Media & News Team Member

Leading the Social Media Team members to ensure the constant stream of output

Social Media & News Team Lead

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