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Helping us towards a carbon neutral festival 

2nd-9th August 2025


KIJ25, The Festival of Scouting and Guiding, offers unique opportunities and experiences, bringing together 6,000 young people and their leaders to have fun, be joyful, make noise, celebrate, create friendships and experience great adventures.

The sheer size of our Festival allows participants to engage in activities and discoveries that they might not have encountered otherwise in their lives. It's a chance for young people to come together from different parts of the world and interact with Scouts and Guides from various cultures and backgrounds. This cultural exchange can be eye-opening and educational, fostering an understanding of different faiths, beliefs, and customs.

Moreover, The Festival provides a platform for participants to explore a wide range of activities, spanning hundreds of different options some of which for our festival, will be a first for Scouting. This diverse array of activities helps young people broaden their horizons and develop new skills and interests.

Our Festival will offer unique and amazing ceremonies, shows, and live music performances by professional artists, talented young people, and participants. These arena events create a lively atmosphere, and everyone can come together to enjoy the music and dance. In the evening our participants will be able to enjoy an extensive range of entertainment and activities on a scale they will not have experienced before. There will be themed evenings for older Scouts and Guides while leaders and staff teams can relax in our purpose-built 'Urban Hub'.

Our festival theme focuses on sustainability and the protection of the environment in which we live, encouraging participants to become champions of change, positively make a difference to the world they will grow up in and create a more sustainable future.

We offer undoubtedly remarkable experiences that bring young people together on an international level, fostering friendship, understanding, and personal growth. They offer a unique combination of fun, education, and cultural exchange that can have a lasting impact on the lives of participants, their leaders, and the communities where they live.



The fees for the Jamboree are:

Participant: £275.00

Leader: £100.00

KIST: £100.00

KIST Food package: £50.00

Jambo Junior: £10 (Jamboree Pack) plus £5.00 per creche session (am/pm)

Day Visitor: £15.00

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