Join the family!

It takes a whole team to build a Jamboree. Do you have skills that could make KIJ22 the best Kent International Jamboree yet? Fancy joining the team? If so check out the team vacancies we currently have via the departments below.

Don't feel you fit in one of these boxes but still have something to offer? Then please get in touch via our contact form found here.


Want to help lead the physical construction of KIJ in 2022? Or to aid in the safety of those involved?

Maybe your skill set could be of use on the vital Facilities team?

Check out the vacancies here!


Are you a keen photographer or videographer? Possibly a dab hand at motion graphics or editing video? Or a social media magician? If so, it sounds like you might be perfect to join the KIJ22 Media team!

Check out the vacancies here!


The production team is there to make sure the magic of KIJ beams from the main stage! Being part of the Production team will enable you to help produce visual spectacles that all the attendees of the Jamboree will remember long after the event has ended!

Check out the vacancies here!


The heart and soul of the Jamboree is the programme. Our programme team is what makes KIJ tick and it needs you! Can you lead by example? Maybe you have a permit that can be of use? Or have a way with our younger generation?

Can you lead the way and help make memories of a lifetime?

Check out the vacancies here!


The Operations Team oversees all areas of emergency response, incident management, welfare and operational communications.

This could be the team for you if you enjoy a fast-paced role, are an able communicator and can think on your feet.

Check out the vacancies here!


Subcamps, the home of every attendee at KIJ. Maybe you have skills that an individual subcamp could use or maybe your versatile enough that you may be of use in a wider support role?

Check out the vacancies here!