Subcamps, the home of every attendee at KIJ. Maybe you have skills that an individual subcamp could use or maybe your versatile enough that you may be of use in a wider support role?

Subcamp Team Member

Our Subcamp teams are the first port all call for groups and their leaders once on site. Can you problem-solve on the spot? Can you entertain at the drop of a hat? Are you willing to go above and beyond to make sure everyone has the best experience ever?

Sounds like you... come onboard!


Subcamp Support Team

Whilst the Subcamp teams are supporting the group's someone needs to support them! Can you solve the bigger challenges that those on the Subcamps can't? Or maybe you can help to solve problems that affect all the Subcamps.

Come join the team!


Staff Support Team

Everyone is working hard when it comes to a Jamboree and KIJ is no different! Can you help us to make sure the staff are looked after on a daily basis? Maybe your best suited to working with adults and helping to make them feel special and supported!

Join the team!


Staff Canteen

Its a hungry job running a Jamboree! All the team needs as much energy as they can muster 24/7... fancy helping to feed the troops?