The heart and soul of the Jamboree is the programme. Our programme team is what makes KIJ tick and it needs you! Can you lead by example? Maybe you have a permit that can be of use? Or have a way with our younger generation?

Can you lead the way and help make memories of a lifetime?

Programme Zone Manager

KIJ22 is broken into several programme zones and we are looking for people to take the lead and make their mark on these zones. A Programme Zone Manager will be responsible for all aspects of their zone from contractors on site to staff.

Can you lead by example and make the zones one of the most memorable parts of KIJ22?


Programme Delivery Team

KIJ22's programme aims to be amazing and memorable, but for it to be that it needs an awesome team to deliver the programme and support the programme leads. Can you use your skills to make sure the delivery of the programme is above and beyond?


Village Programme Coordinator

Our village is the centre of the excitement on site. Throughout the Jamboree tons of activities and exhibits will be going on in the Village and we need someone who is highly organised to coordinate what is one of our most important areas... could that be you? 


Village Programme Team

Our village is the centre of the excitement on site. Throughout the Jamboree tons of activities and exhibits will be going on in the Village and we need a team to make this happen!

Are you an organised team player that can help deliver our awesome Village programme? If so let us know!


Guide Association Programme Liaison

KIJ22 is an event for both Scouts and Guides alike. We want to make sure that our programme is suitable for both and in order to do that we are looking for someone with experience in running Guiding programmes as large scale camps to come join the team.


Climbing Team Member

Are you a keen climber? Do you hold any climbing permits (Artificial or Natural, Top Rope or Lead) or just want to help others learn to climb and have fun whilst doing so? 

Maybe being part of our fantastic climbing team running ropes is for you?


Archery Team Member

Are you Robin Hood? Or at least enjoy teaching others to fire an arrow? If you have an eye for hitting the gold them maybe being part of our archery team is for you?


Target Shooting Team

Are you a keen marksman with an eye for the bull? Maybe you can pass those skills on to the attendees of KIJ22?

Our team is looking for those with these skills to help man our target team.


Jambo Juniors Manager

We understand that Scouting and Guiding is often a family thing and sometimes you need to bring the very little ones along to camp! We are looking for someone to head up our Jambo Juniors Creche programme to make sure that even the smallest of attendees have to be the best Jamboree they can possibly have.

Can you lead a team looking after the little ones? Can you organise a programme for them in the spirit of the Jamboree? If so we want to hear from you!


Jambo Juniors Team

Can you help give the smallest of Jamboree attendees the best Jamboree experience ever?

We need team members who can entertain and excite, who are full of energy and can help create memories of a lifetime that will inspire the youngest generations!