Our Celestial World!


Discover Earth’s place in the Universe and how it has over Millennia shaped our Beliefs, Cultures, Faiths, and World around us.

Interact with our Universe, immerse yourself into the Celestial atmosphere with ambition and curiosity.

Challenge your mind, discover yourself, realise your determination to achieve, your courage in adversity, find strength in your body and enlighten your soul!

Enter into an infinite space where there are no limits to who you are and where you want to be!

Discover the stars and reach for them!

So there's an awesome theme but what does that involve?

The in's and out's of the programme for KIJ22 we won't release just yet as we are still working on it. However, we can say that it will be filled with adventure and have an international and cosmic flavour to it!

What we can tell you a little about is both our Village and Arena at KIJ22. These two areas are a huge part of the Jamboree, providing activities and entertainment throughout and they fit well within our theme of the Celestial World.

Read on to find out a little more...


The home of the gods and the home of KIJ 2022

Mount Olympus is our global Village at KIJ22 and will transport you into a festival where the celestial world meets terrestrial world.

Here is where the limits are infinite.

A galaxy of vibrance, thrill seeking, soul amercing, lifetime connections and global celebrations.


Are you entertained? You will be!

This is where you will look to the stars and be astounded.

Amongst your fellow friends you will encounter it all.

Let your soul sing, give your body the liberty of dance, let the amusement uplift your emotions.

It's going to be EPIC!

KIJ will challenge participants to find out about different cultures, faiths and global issues that impact on the environment including our oceans and wildlife. On top of that, we will deliver a fantastic daily programme allowing participants to enjoy a wide range of fun, adventurous and innovative activities with new found friends.

Evenings can be spent relaxing at Mount Olympus, our global village, or taking part in many more awesome activities! With live performances in the Apollo Arena every night we will offer a diverse line up with something for everyone.

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Evening Entertainment

KIJs programme is such that there is always something happening!

Each night there will be various forms of entertainment happening across the site either in the subcamps, in the Apollo Arena or in the Village of Olympus.

Maybe you have something you can offer in terms of entertainment? If so let us know on the contact us page found here.

As we get closer to 2022 keep checking back for news and reveals of the entertainment available to you across the site!

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