A Jamboree is a crazy and an amazing place with lots going on for you to process and enjoy!

Kent International Jamboree is no different and we want you to be able to make the most of your time with us, so here in our blog we will be posting news updates, tips, tricks and advice for participants, leaders and staff!

Don't worry though, if we need to tell you something REALLY important, that will come direct to you in your inbox!

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  • A message from the Camp Chief!

    1st February 2022

    From all at the Kent International Jamboree Management Team, we would like to pass on a massive ‘Thank You’ to everyone that has booked and paid their deposits to attend KIJ2022. We are pleased to announce that we have filled our participant numbers and look forward to welcoming the thousands of Scouts & Guides from all around the globe to Kent this summer.

    Now that we have close the booking system we will begin to allocate all of the groups to their Subcamps, where your Jamboree Journey will begin to gather speed and over the coming months we will start to share an insight of what to expect during your week with us at KIJ.

    To aid with planning, we would appreciate if personal data on bookings and payments are able to be made in a timely manner by the deadlines below:

    • Second Payment Due by 28th February 2022
    • Full & Final Payment Due by 31st May 2022
    • Personal Data Completed by 30th June 2022

    We are all really looking forward to getting together and celebrating the kick start back to scouting and guiding that we have missed over the past two years.

    We understand that some groups are still recovering from the effects of the recent pandemic, and as part of this we would really appreciate if you could please keep our team informed of any changes to your bookings circumstances and if you would like to add additional places, by emailing

    Kind Regards

    Andy Trill

    KIJ22 Camp Chief

    Author: Dave Norris

  • KIJ22 Update - Bookings Extended

    17th December 2021

    Following the closing of our booking system on the 30th November we want to touch base and update you all on the progress of Kent International Jamboree 2022.

    We are looking forward to an amazing international event, filled with fun, action and adventure. Planning is ramping up and we will soon be able to share with you exciting things such as our subcamps and our programme. However, we are sure you all appreciate there is a great deal to consider when delivering a major event, and with the pandemic at the forefront of everything we do and plan for currently, so, although we are really excited, we are progressing with caution, continuing to review our plans regularly, whilst looking forward to delivering KIJ22 next summer.

    We understand the challenges faced by Group Leadership Teams whilst booking to attend our Jamboree next year after the phased return to face-to-face Scouting has meant that some Groups won’t know actual numbers until January or February next year. We are also aware of some Groups that decided to pull out because of this issue as well as some Groups that did not book as potentially it involved a lot of co-ordination and collection of information for an event that may not go ahead. For those that have booked, and paid deposits, we appreciate, and thank you for all the hard work and time invested to book in as many participants as possible within the timescales we provided.

    With all feedback in mind, we are really happy to announce that we have listened and have made the decision to keep the bookings system open until 31st January 2022 to allow for adjustments, additions and new bookings alike. We hope this news gives every young person who would like to join us the opportunity to take part in KIJ22.

    As part of this we would really appreciate if you could please keep the KIJ Team informed of any change in your bookings circumstances and the additions you intend to make by emailing

    Yours in Scouting,

    Andy Trill, KIJ Camp Chief

    Neil Gearing, KIJ Finance Manager

    Des Harris, Chair Kent Scouts

    Dean Harding, County Commissioner Kent Scouts

    Author: Dave Norris

  • What is a Jamboree?

    17th July 2020

    A Jamboree is an opportunity and an experience like no other. Most Scouts and Guides get to experience many different forms of nights away experiences but a Jamboree, whether it's a local, national or international Jamboree is the kind of camp that will live with them forever.

    A Jamboree brings a whole new dimension to camping for both Scouts and Guides. It is an opportunity to meet new people, build new friendships, learn about cultures and the world around us as well as having tons of fun at the same time! Most of all it is about making memories!

    Every Jamboree has elements that follow the same structure as all the other Jamborees, whether its KIJ or the World Jamboree (or any other in between for that matter). However, each and every Jamboree also has those special things that make them stand out from each other and make them unique.

    Take the World Jamboree in America during 2019. It ran with the tagline 'Unlock a New World' and encouraged 50,000 Scouts and Guides from all the corners of the globe to go out and meet each other and at the same time, to enjoy experiences they may not have had in their lives so far or were not possible where they came from in the world. This led to global friendships being made, foods from around the world being tasted and cultural differences being observed and accepted. Overall, it created unity on a global scale.

    Of course there were all the big-ticket activities and all the adventure that you can shake a stick at plus amazing opening and closing ceremonies but that just helped to facilitate the rest, the more important aspects of the event.

    Kent International Jamboree cannot claim to be just a smaller version of the World Jamboree, that would be crazy as WSJ is something truly unique, however, KIJ can offer its own amazingness and uniqueness that makes it just as special but on its own terms.

    KIJ is a national Jamboree but with a global focus, hence why we still say KENT INTERNATIONAL JAMBOREE! It offers much of the same as the WSJ in terms of creating friendships and learning about those around us as well as making memories... but all in the beautiful Garden of England, Kent. However, it also offers a more bespoke, individual experience. With the World Jamboree having over 50,000 people in attendance it is hard to make it personal. Being on a national Jamboree scale we can make sure you get to see and experience the whole of the Jamboree and won't miss out on anything. Then we go and make it into a truly awesome INTERNATIONAL JAMBOREE due to our inclusion of our friends from around the globe, in 2017 we welcomed 28 different nations contingents to the site at Detling and expect even more in 2020! This is why we are Kent INTERNATIONAL Jamboree and not Kent National Jamboree! That is what makes KIJ really special; you and every other member of Scouting and Guiding from around the world that will join us on-site for a summer of fun in 2022 makes KIJ what it is!

    You don't want to miss out on that do you?!

    No plans for your Scouts and Guides in the summer of 2022 as yet? Why not make plans with Kent International Jamboree! Register your interest today to be kept in the loop and bookings open in September 2020.

    Author: KIJ

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