Explore KIJ

Camp life at The Festival is pretty awesome!

The site itself is made up of a number of Subcamps, a multitude of activity zones and of course our AWESOME Village that is filled with all kinds of entertainment and activities too!

The days are long but filled with fun! An average day will see you take part in several activity zones on site, mingle with Scouts & Guides from across the globe, browse the stalls of the Village and then watch a show in the main arena as the sunsets.

Looking Back...

Kent International Jamboree has a wealth of history behind it and over time we plan to share that history with you all via the media collected at each event, here in the Hub!

Currently, if you scroll down a bit you can jump in our time machine and head back to 2022 and 2017 via the images below. But keep coming back as we will be growing this resource over time... especially as 2025 draws closer and our next chapter begins with THE FESTIVAL OF SCOUTING AND GUIDING!

In 2017 we were granted the use of a 360 camera by Google in order to create a street view walkthrough of the Jamboree! Below is what the camera captured as Simon, our cameraman, walked around the site that day!

Memories of KIJs gone by!