About KIJ & Jamborees in General!

The origin of the word jamboree is not well understood. It is popularly believed within the Scout Movement that the word was coined by Baden-Powell, who was once asked why he chose "jamboree". He replied, "What else would you call it?"

The word "jamboree" today has several claimed possible origins, ranging from Hindi to Swahili to Native American dialects. The most logical use is that the word "jamboree" is derived from the Swahili for hello, Jambo!

Scout jamborees are conducted on a camp basis where the programme is typically activity oriented, with plenty of time for Scouts from different nations to interact and learn about each other in less formal ways.

The Kent International Jamboree (KIJ) follows this ethos offering a mini World Jamboree experience in the heart of Kent. Our jamboree themes are inspired by the world around us, the impact we have on the environment, cultures, faiths, beliefs and how we can make a difference to our lives and the lives of others.

During your stay at KIJ you not only have the opportunity to absorb yourself in the global agenda, you also get to enjoy the thrill of all the exciting activities you would expect if attending a large activity jamboree. KIJ therefore, offers a daily programme that includes a wide range of adventurous, skills based, thrill based, tech based, creative and thought provoking activities.

During the evening you can enjoy the company of new friends in your sub camp or at the village and its arena where you can see nightly shows or hang out at a wide range of amazing entertainment venues.

One thing is for certain your stay at KIJ will be nonstop with limited time to sleep and maximum time for fun, friendship and adventure.

Camp life at KIJ is pretty awesome!

The site itself is made up of a number of Subcamps, a multitude of activity zones and of course our AWESOME Village that is filled with all kinds of entertainment and activities too!

The days are long but filled with fun!

An average day will see you take part in several activity zones on site, mingle with Scouts & Guides from across the globe, browse the stalls of the Village and then watch a show in the main arena as the sunsets.

Below are links to both photos (via our fantastic Facebook) and videos (on our Youtube channel) of previous KIJs, as well as a walk around the site from the 2017 KIJ thanks to Google Maps at the very bottom!

In 2017 we were granted the use of a 360 camera by Google in order to create a street view walkthrough of the Jamboree! Below is what the camera captured as Simon, our cameraman, walked around the site that day!