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Helping us towards a carbon neutral festival 

2nd-9th August 2025

Join The Team - Admin Team

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes at The Festival, our Admin team is there to make sure everyone gets the support they need from the very ground upwards. Could you see yourself helping in the background to make the magic happen for everyone? Maybe one of these roles are for you!

Liaising with team leads pre-event, to create list of equipment for re-sale and become the main link for buyers

Equipment Sales Team

Dealing with monies in and out, through bookings, concessions and sales

Finance Team

Liaising with both Contingents and Staff, helping with logistical and operational processes to ensure a smooth trip for them

Foreign Group Liaison

Administrating the arrival and departure of daily visitors throughout the Jamboree period

Day Visitor Team

Leading the welcome of staff to the Jamboree site and being present in the HubCamp to help with enquiries

Staff Admin Team

Leading the welcome of contingents to the Jamboree site and manning the KIJ Reception to help with enquiries

Participant Admin Team

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